LR (Light Rigid Licence)

Obtaining your driver Light Rigid Licence you need not spend much on it. At New Teach Driving School we keep qualified, experienced and proficient driving instructors to carefully guide you through the process of safe driving. They will teach you driving lessons, how to drive well with much care and safety and finally help you obtaining your driver’s licence easily.

The salient features of our LR  (Light Rigid Licence)

  • Any motor vehicle more than 4.5 tonnes GVM, but not greater than 8 tonnes GVM
  • Any towed trailer must not weigh greater than 9 tonnes GVM
  • Also included any vehicle with a GVM for no more than 8 tonnes which carries more than 12 adults including the driver

To upgrade to this licenced class, you have to:


  • Have held a class C licence, (except a learner licence) or equivalent for one year or more
  • Pass a knowledge test
  • Pass an eye test

A person who holds a provisional P1 licence is not eligible for a LR licence. After these steps are completed we can then start the training and assessment process. We have one day course available for this class of licence.


Make sure your Light Rigid Licence, getting started with New Teach Driving School.


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