Nsw Bus Authority for Bus/Coach Drivers

Are you desirous to be a bus/coach driver in NSW (Australia)? Do you like to start your career as a safe driver of tomorrow? If yes, you have to furnish the evidence before the Ministry of Transport that you have completed training course from an authorized driving trainer that has had his authorization from NSW Bus/Coach Association (BCA). The training course covers five distinct sections. 

The course covers five sections:

  • Legislation and Driver Authority
  • Customer Service
  • Vehicle Operations
  • Managing Breakdowns and Emergencies
  • Driver Welfare and Safety

You must also complete an application process established by the Ministry of Transport.

You must:


  • Complete a Ministry of Transport Driver Authority Application form
  • Provide photo ID and a copy of their drivers licence
  • Have a medical assessment undertaken
  • Provide evidence of the successful completion of training
  • Pay the prescribed fees
  • Upon receipt of the application form and payment, Ministry of Transport will request a Police Check prior to issuing a Driver Authority. The Driver Authority may be issued subject to the provision of evidence of training.

There is no driving required as part of this course.


As an authorized driving lesson provider New Teach Driving School facilitates one day course for this class of driver licence.


Drive safe and let the others be safe for “Life is in the Living”

We have a one day course for this class of licence.

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